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How Do I Reserve a Date for My Newborn Photography Session When You Never Know Exactly When the Baby Will Arrive?

Babies definitely like to keep us on our toes—always guessing exactly when they’ll arrive and make their big debut! While it can be fun to get the family guessing when baby is gonna make their debut, it can unfortunately make picking a date to capture their newborn photography session feel near-impossible. 

The good news: There’s a certain science behind reserving a date for your newborn photography session. After photographing newborns for years, I have created a calculated method for choosing the best time frame to take pictures of your newborn! With a little bit of math, a lot of help from your doctor, and plenty of keeping in touch towards the end of your pregnancy, we can secure a day for your newborn session! Here’s how… 

First, I feel it’s important to note that newborn photos are best captured in the first 7-to-10 days of their lives. Many times, expecting parents assume they’ll have to wait until the baby arrives to start looking for a newborn photographer. But not only is this not the case, but it can set you up for photography failure. In reality, you should be reserving your newborn photography session at the end of your second trimester, so you don’t miss this precious 5-to-10-day window.

Here is where a little bit of math kicks in: During my initial call with you, I will find out your exact due date. Then, I will use that date to calculate your newborn photography session by actually placing a hold on two tentative dates. Using your exact due for when your baby will actually arrive, I place a hold on your actual date, second, giving you a couple days in the hospital and a couple days at home to recoup, I place a hold in my calendar for seven days after your expected due date. This way, if your baby arrives on time, or even a little late, we are covered.

Here is where help from you doctor kicks in: Once you start your weekly doctor’s appointments, from 36 weeks on, it is important to keep in communication with me. Each doctor is different. Some will just measure you through the end of your pregnancy, while others will actually check to see if you’re dilated. Regardless of their chosen method, we will use the information your doctor equips you with to determine if tentative dates we selected need to be adjusted. Each week, we will adjust the dates if need be.

Here is where the keeping in touch comes into play: As you pre-pack your bags for the hospital, you should also decide who to have on your first-to-contact list when your baby arrives—and your photographer (aka me!) is a must add! It’s important for me to know when baby comes! This way, I can select one of the two tentative dates we reserved for your newborn photography session and even determine a time that works best. 

By working together alongside your doctor, it’s easy to reserve your newborn photography session! Capturing your beginning of this next chapter in your life! Something this important is worth planning for! Rest assured, I will help you every step of the way, from your first ultrasound to holding your newborn in your arms.

If you’re interested in booking your newborn session, I would love to hear all about your pregnancy! Please take a moment to fill out the contact form below so I can reach out and say hi!

xoxo, Jenna Rose

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