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Newborn Photography Should Never Be DIY | Worcester, MA Newborn Photographer

Did you know that most of the newborn poses you see online are an illusion?! Yup, that’s right—babies do not have the modeling expertise that you see on your Pinterest feed these days! This is why I have a sort of hate-love relationship with the social media platform. 

It’s true that Pinterest can be helpful in many ways, but their DIY pins just aren’t realistic especially newborn photography! You may be thinking “how hard can it be to put a sleeping baby in a basket?” Well let me tell you, it takes years of practice and a strong knowledge of baby safety to ease babies into each of these poses. And that’s just the pose! There are about a hundred additional factors to consider, including wrapping them, making sure they can breathe properly, positioning and patience to keep them asleep! You can see for yourself the difference between what DIY will get you and what a professional photographer can produce! 

Welcoming your baby into this world, will be without a doubt THE single biggest moment in your life! It tops everything else! A moment that special is worth investing in to make sure you capture it safely and beautifully. Most new parents don’t even realize how small the window of opportunity is to capture newborn photography—just 5-10 days after baby makes their debut. For this reason, attempting to DIY your newborn photos on your own will leave you little time (if any) to get in touch with a photographer and schedule a session within that short timeframe. Imagine how you would feel if you realized last minute that you were out of time and you may not be able to capture those quickly changing newborn features you love so much! 

Professional newborn studios such as Jenna Rose Photography can provide a warm, quiet and soothing environment for babies to sleep. Props and swaddles are readily available to enhance the baby’s feature and compliment the decor of your home. Also, newborn photographers are trained to put safety first and know the best ways to swaddle and position your little love. Another important factor to understand is that newborn photographers are well versed in Photoshop, which is how half of those adorable poses you see on websites are accomplished. An untrained individual should NEVER attempt to place baby in positions without properly knowing how to! 

That being said, there are moments you should absolutely capture yourself, like their first smile, those cute snuggles with dad, or how cute they look in their going home outfit. But the art you plan on displaying on your home should be left to a professional. Leave it up to a professional photographer and you won’t be disappointed. With years of experience and confidence in safety, that I can guarantee! 

If you’re interested in finding out more about newborn photography or would like to reserve your own session be sure to fill out the contact form below and I will reach out to chat!

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