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Why Do Babies Have to be So Young for Newborn Photos?

Why so young? Well, the answer is pretty simple. When babies are first born their bones are still soft from being cooped up in the womb and then undergoing the experience of labor and delivery. This means they’re as flexible and their bodies are more willing to move into certain positions. Not only do these positions allow for easy swaddling of all those precious wrapped and snuggled poses you see, but their natural tendencies, like keeping their hands close to their face with their legs tightly crossed in the most precious way, are most optimal in this stage. You can see these different poses shown on my website.

Another reason why newborn photos should be scheduled within those first two weeks of life is because week three is when most babies go through their first growth spurt, waking up frequently to cluster feed. They tend to be more alert and fussier during this stage not only because they’re ravenous, but because they still can’t control their limbs or startle reflex. Other less-than-lovely perks of week three and beyond include baby acne and, worse, colic, that gas-induced fussiness. 

Like all rules, however, this one does come with exceptions. Babies born prematurely, which is often the case with twins, can be photographed past the two- week point. Preemies are born before their due date, which means they may not be full developed at time or birth. Their bellies are still developing and their desire for more milk is less intense in those first few weeks. In these cases, we can be much more flexible in scheduling their session. As long as the newborn photos are scheduled for within 5 days of their actual due date, we will be right on track to avoid any of those additional obstacles.

When should I book my newborn photos? 

With all these unknown facts, I recommend booking your newborn photos as soon as you decide capturing portraits of your newborn is important to you. It’s one less thing to have to think about as you get excited and prepare for your new bundle of joy to join you. Ideally, we can start discussing dates for newborn photos towards the end of your second trimester. Of course, you don’t know exactly when baby will make their debut. Not to worry—I’ve created a system, reserving a slot that works seamlessly every time: We simply book based on your due date and promise a session in the first 7-14 days after birth. We stay in contact following your 36 week appointment. This way, I’ll know if baby is deciding to come earlier, so we can make any necessary adjustments if need be. And, of course, once your baby arrives, make sure I’m in the know. While it’s a lot of keeping in touch towards the end of pregnancy, it will ensure that we get to capture all those perfect little features. Plus, I love getting to connect with my clients, whenever I get the chance too. 

If you’re interested in gifting a newborn session or would like to reserve your own session be sure to fill out the contact form below and I will talk to you soon!

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