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Pregnant women laughing and snuggling into her husband in beautiful fall weather

There’s no way to describe how special of an experience pregnancy is—watching your as body carefully knits together and creates a human being. As beautiful as is, it’s very short lived—just a few more months until your sweet newborn joins you in the real world. No more feeling those little hiccups from inside or wondering what (and who!) he or she will look like. With your baby’s due date quickly approaching you want to make sure you do’t miss out on capturing your maternity photos. Whether it’s your first pregnancy or your third, maternity photos are a family affair. Big moments like these bring everyone joy as you gather together to celebrate your growing family. Here are some of the best ways to include your partner and your family in your maternity photos.

Newborn baby boy in bucket

Did you know that most of the newborn poses you see online are an illusion?! Yup, that’s right—babies do not have the modeling expertise that you see on your Pinterest feed these days! This is why I have a sort of hate-love relationship with the social media platform.  It’s true that Pinterest can be helpful […]

Millbury, MA Newborn Photography

Newborn Baby Boy Photography in Millbury, MA Welcome: Welcome to baby boy’s newborn session, located in Millbury, MA, a heartwarming journey filled with love, laughter, and precious moments. As a newborn and family photographer, I had the pleasure of capturing the beauty and innocence of this little one’s first days. Join us as we relive […]

Millbury Ma Newborn Baby Photographer

Upon entering the studio at Jenna Rose Photography, newborn baby Mac’s mommy and daddy were greeted by a cozy client area. The Studio The first area you walk into, includes a couch and a tv with streaming services to sit back and relax. Next to the tv there is a fridge to grab a cold […]