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5 Ways to Include Your Partner or Family in Maternity Photos

There’s no way to describe how special of an experience pregnancy is—watching your as body carefully knits together and creates a human being. As beautiful as is, it’s very short lived—just a few more months until your sweet newborn joins you in the real world. No more feeling those little hiccups from inside or wondering what (and who!) he or she will look like. With your baby’s due date quickly approaching you want to make sure you do’t miss out on capturing your maternity photos. Whether it’s your first pregnancy or your third, maternity photos are a family affair. Big moments like these bring everyone joy as you gather together to celebrate your growing family. Here are some of the best ways to include your partner and your family in your maternity photos. 

Hug That Belly 

The main focal point of maternity photography is, of course, the baby bump! That’s why we love to have either the partner or the sibling place his or her head on the belly to give the baby bump a loving hug. It is absolutely stunning in portraits and it’s such a great way to include your baby to be with your spouse or children. And just think how loved you’ll feel with your child kissing your belly. 

Silhouette of the Two of You 

You’ve probably seen your share of silhouette maternity photos on Pinterest of just the expecting Mama—but why not capture a few shots that include your partner too? Silhouettes are easily one of favorite portraits to capture! 

Take a Walk 

If you have the opportunity to get outside for maternity photos, simply walking hand-in-hand with your loved ones. Another plus is that it will take the pressure off smiling or worrying how you should pose. 

Use a Prop 

I love including special items, like an ultrasound image, booties or a hat in maternity photos. Having your partner hold some of these items is exciting. It will also show the anticipation of your baby’s arrival and your love for each other as you welcome your newborn into the world! 

Give a Little Kiss 

Your wedding may have been the last time you and your partner purposely kissed for pictures, but this moment is just as special! Don’t be afraid to sneak a kiss in here and there. Sharing a kiss with your partner in maternity photos documents the love and commitment you have for each other through every stage of your life together. 

Documenting moments like these are the perfect way to capture your family’s legacy. If you or someone you know is interested in capturing maternity photos, I recommend scheduling them for any time between 32 and 35 weeks. That’s the perfect time, where your bump is showing, but before you get too close to your due date.

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