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Why Is Newborn Photography so Expensive?

I hear this question more often than not, and I can’t totally blame clients for thinking this. It’s true that, thanks to today’s digital age and lack of displaying images, that more and more people are turning to DIY photography. However, professional photography, like newborn photography, is entirely different than any kind you’re able to take on your smartphone! Newborn photography is a specialized art that goes beyond just taking pictures. It requires a deep understanding of lighting, posing, safety, and a keen eye for capturing those fleeting moments. It absolutely should not be DIY! 

Running a professional, full-service studio is not the same as occasionally taking out your camera to capture the trees changing color, or your child’s first day of school picture in front of your house. There are costs associated with running any business that most people dismiss when it comes to photography. I’m going to use a construction company as an example. They come are two completely different businesses, yet both have had extensive training and years of education to skillfully execute and resolve your issue. The costs associated with them are similar to the costs associated with a professional newborn photographer. 

* Equipment such as drills, saws, screws of varying sizes, levels

* Rent, utilities, trailers, trucks 

* Continued education to ensure safety and precision in your remodeling projects 

* Advertising and marketing 

In addition, a considerable amount of time is dedicated to your newborn photography behind the scenes that you do not get to see! The session itself, which takes three hours on average, is the smallest part of the job. A large amount of time is dedicated to these areas as well: 

* Thoroughly cleaning the studio space, client area, and any props used 

* The design and creativity to bring out your family values and flare in your images 

* Washing of any bedding and clothing warn from the client closet 

* Careful backup of all images 

* Hours and hours of hand edits to your images

* Sneak peeks on Instagram and Facebook from your session 

Bottom line: Photography is an investment that will bring you joy for years to come. As your baby grows to a child, teenager and into adulthood, your newborn photography will bring you back to where it all began—where your heart first came out of your belly and into the world! Hiring a professional to capture moments like these are worth every penny because the precision and security they bring is unmatched! Newborn photography needs to be captured when your baby is two weeks old or younger. Chances are, if you attempt DIY newborn photos and are unhappy with the outcome, you may run out of time. Imagine how you would feel if you missed out on documenting your beginning to forever!

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